Granny tearfully watching Ben leave

Name Granny a.k.a The Black Cat
Age 70’s
Status Deceased
Birth place UK
Death Place UK

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Granny and Ben acting “gangsta”


Granny was a sweet, loving and caring person. She loved knitting and all she ate was Murray Mints and cabbage related dishes, such as cabbage soup or cabbage pie. Although she was an international jewel thief, she was quite dull and wasn't very “gangsta” - so Ben, her grandson, taught her some modern slang and bling fashion. After Ben left, Granny was sad and lonely and knew he thought she was boring.

The PlanEdit

As soon as Ben found out Gran was a jewel thief, he discovered she had only one jewel left to steal - The Crown Jewels. Ben then created a 3D plan to get into the Tower of London.


Despite all of their efforts and avoiding being spied on by the local Neighbourhood Watch Group, Ben and Granny do not manage to steal the Crown Jewels - but they meet the Queen!

Gran's IllnessEdit

Just after the robbery, Gran told Ben heartbreaking news - she didn’t have long left to live, due to an illness that had started caused by a nasty fall. Her family looked after her very well from then on. In one of the last scenes, to wish them farewell, Gran won a Scrabble game by spelling out “Goodbye” on the board.

Gran's DeathEdit

Sadly, Gran didn't make it to Christmas. Her family and friends all went to her funeral and burial, and talked about all the stories she used to tell when they were younger. Her possessions (including her stolen jewels) were all taken to a charity shop - but in a newspaper article, Ben finds out the jewels she had stolen were worth millions.